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SermonBase® is a powerful tool that allows users to track, manage, and create sermons & sermon series by planning out your messages and coordinating your sermons with your worship services. This exciting product catalogs, references, searches, categorizes, and shares your messages, sermons and series. A downloadable demo for both Mac & Windows is available right now for you to try out.

1. SermonBase is a message and series planning tool:

It will help you to plan out a year or more of messages and sets of series with ease. With SermonBase® you will be able to get a quick overview of your entire year (or more) of messages. You can quickly create new series, or reschedule series and messages on the fly.

I´ve been using the SermonBase software for several months now and I just wanted to let you know how very, very much I appreciate it. I am becoming increasingly familiar with it am very pleased with the sermon development assistance the software provides. …I am having both fun and success with the software. I´m working well into 2008 already and have none of the anxiety of past years wondering in July if I was going to be ready for Advent!

Thanks again for a great tool, probably the best one I´ve purchased in the last several years!
Pastor Dale McIntire
1st Baptist Church
Grand Marais, MN

2. SermonBase is a thematic service planning tool:

It will help you to locate any message you have ever given, quickly and easily. You can search by Title, Topic, Scripture or Date. You can print reports listing all of your messages in a particular year(s). You can print up a Series Report, showing the big picture plan of your upcoming Series, and all the associated Messages with it.

3. SermonBase is a message archiving and retrieval tool:

You can coordinate all elements of a service so that they flow with the big picture focus of your message. You can track music, videos, dramas, testimonies, and other elements of the service months ahead of time, so it all comes together on Sunday.

In SermonBase® , you have access to every one of your Message Word files, PowerPoint files, or Audio Sermons with the click of a button.

A lifetime of work all in one place – it´s a beautiful thing!

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Dear Dr. Bill Miller !
Greetings from the Ukraine in the precious name of Jesus.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for the sermonbase. I am a pastor in Ukraine and I desperately needed a software which can help me organize my sermons this year. I accidentally came across your site and just signed in and today downloaded the demo. It is incredible! May God richly bless you, your wife, your children and your ministry!
In Him,
David Annoh
Gospel House Music & Worship Center